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 Terms & Conditions

In-stock material that is unopened and in original packaging may be returned within seven (7) business days for a refund less a 20% restock fee.

Returns will be refunded based on the original method of payment.

All sales are final on cabinets.

All sales are final on clearance, Cabin/B-Grade, and Closeout materials.

All sales are final on special order items.

All Sales are final on carpet; once carpet has been paid for – it will be cut.

Liquids of any sort (stain, glue, etc..) may not be returned.

Purchaser is responsible for verifying the accuracy of materials ordered against materials received. Claims for damage or shortages must be made upon receipt of the product.  It is the customer’s responsibility to thoroughly inspect all products before installation.  Any discrepancies between the customer’s inspection and the purchased merchandise as reflected upon the sales receipt must be determined prior to leaving The BOSS premises and a manager must be notified. By signing for your pickup, your signature will constitute your agreement that your order has been received in FULL and that it is ACCURATE. Once you have left the premises, no exceptions will be made.

The BOSS is not responsible for measurement or installation errors.

Installation implies acceptance of material as-is. Once materials have been opened, altered, or installed, they may not be returned or exchanged for any reason.

The BOSS does not install material and is not responsible for installation. If The BOSS makes an installer recommendation, it is ultimately the customer’s responsibility to determine the installer.  These individuals do not work for The BOSS and do not represent The BOSS.  The BOSS does not guarantee any work done by any installer.

All orders must be picked up in full within 14 days of purchase.  Any material left in The BOSS warehouse over 14 days will incur a $10/day storage fee for each day the product has not been picked up after 14 days.  This incurred storage fee must be paid before the material leaves the warehouse.  After 60 days, the material will be returned to stock to be resold and no credit will be issued to the customer.

The BOSS accepts all cash, all major credit cards and money orders, cashier’s checks, personal checks, and company checks in U.S. Dollars only. For personal and company checks, materials will not be allowed to leave the warehouse for seven (7) banking days after receipt of personal/company check to allow for funds to clear.  We cannot guarantee the availability of a product by the time funds clear or payment is received.   We will charge a $25 fee on all returned checks.

The BOSS is not liable for damage to the car during the loading and/or transport of material. Customers are responsible for providing a safe and adequate vehicle for transportation and assume full responsibility for pick up and transportation of merchandise. As a courtesy to its customers, The BOSS will assist with the loading of purchased merchandise; however, it is the customer’s responsibility to STOP The BOSS employee if he/she feels that the load is too heavy for the vehicle or is not otherwise safe. The BOSS reserves the right to refuse and/or cease loading service. The customer is SOLELY responsible for securing merchandise and ensuring it is properly loaded and/or secured prior to leaving the premises. The BOSS is not responsible for damages occurring to vehicles while loading. If equipment or machinery is in use, the customer is required to stand at least ten feet away from the operation of any such equipment or machinery and to otherwise exercise diligence to protect themselves from harm. CUSTOMER ASSUMES FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR LOADING AND/OR TRANSPORTATION OF MERCHANDISE AND RELEASES THE BOSS FROM ANY LIABILITY, DAMAGES, OR CLAIMS ARISING OUT OF CUSTOMER’S PICK UP AND/OR TRANSPORTATION OF MERCHANDISE.

All Solid Wood is graded by the mill by NWFA standards. There are no grading standards for #3 material.

If materials were delivered by The BOSS, the customer is responsible for inspection of materials prior to the truck leaving. Once materials are unloaded and The BOSS truck has left the delivery location, the customer owns the material.  Claims for damage or shortages must be made upon receipt of the product and noted on the delivery ticket.


Delivery across D/FW is within 25 miles of each D/FW store. Delivery is one way only. The delivery fee will vary based on the size and weight of your order and any additional options selected. Your final price will be based on the delivery options you select during Checkout. Our standard delivery includes a 4-hour time on the date of your choosing. Items will be delivered to an area outside the residence or job site. Items will not be returned to the store. If no one is onsite to receive the items, the items will be left at the delivery location. If you request the items be returned to the store a $199 return fee will be applied to the order. If redelivery is requested it will be calculated at the actual delivery rate plus a $99 return trip charge. Failure to take possession of items returned from delivery will result in a 20% restocking fee after 7 days. $99 Promotional Flat Rate delivery is for select time periods as determined by The BOSS and is subject to change without notice.