The BOSS Beginning

It started in a 2 car garage with a pallet of crown molding and a spark of inspiration. Richard Bell, founder of Bargain Outlet Super Store (The BOSS), leveraged his experience in the wholesale trading industry to begin building relationships with pro contractors, vendors and consumers across the D/FW area.Word spread around the quality of pro products Richard was sourcing and business began growing rapidly. The 2 car garage could no longer satisfy the level of inventory Richard was securing. A 3,000 square foot warehouse could, for a little while.

Our original logo promoting flooring and home improvement products


The Secret is Out

Growth exploded and those relationships expanded across the country and around the world. The BOSS has grown into a 50,000 square foot warehouse with a staggering 1,000,000+ square feet of inventory specifically selected to serve our pro partners and the consumers they serve. Many of the pros that did business with Richard out of his garage still do business with The BOSS today. Contractors, real estate investors and installers come to us because they want a partner that understands their unique needs, is local, and knows the specifics of the market. We are passionate in ensuring our pro partners are successful. It’s why our staff is comprised of career minded professionals that are knowledgeable in all facets of pro needs. We listen to the why to provide the what that works. It’s our commitment to total satisfaction.


Buy Like A BOSS

Typical big box retailers and home improvement centers are filled with irrelevant selections and uninformed part time staff making for a disappointing and time wasting experience. We know that relevant products and a highly trained, educated staff is required to give real value to professionals. This is why pros come to us time after time knowing their product demands will be satisfied. How is this accomplished?


  • We staff experts that act as a resource to our customers.
  • We only sell what the pro buys.
  • We take great care to ensure the reputation of our pro customers is held in the highest regard because ours is directly linked with theirs.
  • Our inventory is stocked with the most relevant, popular, on-trend selections.
  • Our vendor approval/acceptance process is more strenuous than anyone else in the business.

We can also offer the same pro endorsed experience to consumers. We give consumers the same opportunity to experience an authentic pro environment. Others may say it; The BOSS delivers it.

Whether you make your living in the trades or are starting your first home improvement project, we have the right products, staff and purchasing power to immediately set you up for success. Welcome to the family.