Glass mosaic tile has become more popular over the last few years because of the growing demand for present-day, dynamic décor. It is great at adding depth and color to neutral design strategies, or it may be used to make a unique design statement. You’ve seen backsplashes, but the present-day trends now make it possible to get glass mosaic in unique patterns, shapes and color schemes. It also has applications in special areas when renovating a home. If you’re looking for mosaic tile design, the following are three design trends to look out for.

Differing Sizes

You are probably already used to seeing mosaic tiles that are one-inch square, which is still functional and attractive to some extent. But if you are interested in the latest trends in modern home décor, you should take a look at beautiful patterns and designs that can be made with mosaics of various shapes and sizes. The use of pencil mosaic and linear patterns is enough to transform a dull room into a beautiful space that leaves a lasting impression in people’s minds. You should not underestimate irregular shaped glass mosaics either. Clio and Caprice mosaic lines are classic examples that provide exceptional patterns that add textural dimension.

Accents and Color

If you have a more traditional design taste, you may be more interested in neutral colors. However, there will be times when you may not be satisfied with neutrals. Introducing mosaic tile of bright colors into your design helps to refresh your neutral colors. When you add colors in small doses, you can come up with inspiring and unique looks – without the need to wear sunglasses before stepping into the room. Designers can use colorful mosaic tile as a border, as a backsplash, or they can mix it to form a comprehensive tile pattern. You can also use it to draw attention to a specific area of your wall, such as tiling behind open shelves or around a mirror. This approach will spice up your neutral wall and turn your wall into an attractive masterpiece.

More Than Backsplashes

Adding mosaic tile backsplashes to your home décor is a great idea as they help prevent damage on walls caused by absorption of water. Another reason for their popularity is because little effort is required to clean them. They are made to last for many years, and their translucent characteristics easily beautify any space. A lot of homes now use mosaic tile (not just backsplash) because of these properties. For instance, mosaics with metallic traits are often used to highlight a room’s focal point, such as a large fireplace. Designers can also use mosaic tile on a feature wall, as it provides a more durable and artistic alternative to other materials.

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