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Quick lighting tips for every room in the house.

How you light a room can have a large effect on your mood, productivity, and quality of life in that environment. The best lighting for each environment is dictated by the activity that is taking place. Here are some quick tips to keep in mind when lighting the various rooms in your home.

Living Rooms / Family Rooms

Bounce light off the ceiling for a natural and soft ambiance.


Task lighting is the name of the game here. Focus on lighting over prep and cooking areas for maximum effectiveness.


Eliminate overhead lighting in vanity areas in favor of wall sconces to the side of mirrors and offset to eliminate glare.


Brighter is better at the front door, however, all other areas should have balanced and accent areas with your lighting.

Dining Rooms

Dining areas should have functional lighting above the table as well as consider wall treatment lighting to add accent and beauty.


Consider wall mounted sconces on either side of the bed as well as table lamps for accent and appeal.

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