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Avoid the biggest remodeling mishaps to save money and hike up your home’s value.

You have decided that the time has come to renovate or remodel your home. The inspiration and ideas that will transform your home into your dream space are ready to roll. Before you take action with your home improvement and home renovation project, ensure you avoid these remodeling missteps so your dream does not become a nightmare.

Top 10 Renovation Mistakes

  1. Mismeasuring for Cabinets
  2. Choosing the Cheapest Contractor
  3. Lowballing Your Budget
  4. Insisting on Granite Countertops
  5. Being Afraid to Change the Layout of a Bathroom
  6. Assuming You Want Hardwood Floors
  7. Making your Kitchen Too Trendy
  8. Skimping on Things You Can’t See
  9. Ignoring a Floor Drain in the Laundry Room
  10. Not Ordering Extra Flooring

By taking the time to look over all areas of your home and going through the details with a trusted professional you can enjoy a renovation that will bring added value to your home and peace to your pocketbook.

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