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An expert shares his advice on achieving the perfect light

Lighting is an area that often is overlooked when updating or remodeling a home. Proper lighting can turn dreary and drab rooms into relaxing and comfortable spaces. When reviewing your lighting options, follow these quick tips to ensure success.

5 Lighting Quick Tips

  1. Spread the Light Around
  2. Customize Control
  3. Buy Quality Light Sources
  4. Use Multiple Light Sources
  5. Focus on the Important Items

Lighting does not have to be a break the bank endeavor, but care and consideration should be put into this area of remodeling and updating that will create the perfect mood or atmosphere so that you can your guests can enjoy your home’s spaces.

The BOSS has unique and creative lighting options that can add that perfect touch or mood to your rooms. You can view a sample of our selections and find what suits your style.


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