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With the holidays over and a new year upon us the time to replace your carpet may have arrived. With the traffic of family, the spills of family and frineds gathering and plain old age, new carpet is a cost efficient and effective way to make your home feel new again. Don’t know where to start? Start here!

When choosing your new carpet, there are several other benefits aside from the new home smell. Today we explore six reasons to replace your carpet now.

1. Indoor Air Quality

Carpet traps dust and particulates that when left on hard surfaces and in the air that cause allergies and respiratory problems. Carpet acts as an air filter and when cleaned with a quality vacuum cleaner continues to help filter the air in the home. The newer and denser the carpet fibers, the better it acts to aid in filtering the air.

2. Safety

Carpet is easier on the feet than tile and other hard surfaces as well as being much better for stability and avoiding slips. Also, a quality pad helps to cushion falls which are perfect for little ones learning to walk as well as anyone taking a fall to the floor. The good news, however, is that the floor will be there to catch you.

3. Noise Levels

Ever walked into a room filled with hard surfaces such as concrete walls and floors? The echo and noise level can be quite loud. Carpet is perfect for providing sound dampening capabilities because of its insulating properties. As a bonus, carpet also helps to reduce the cost of heating and cooling your home.

4. Comfort

New carpet feels great on the feet! On a cool, crisp morning carpet feels wonderful compared to a cold hard surface such as tile or hardwood. Walking barefoot on quality carpet can feel like striding across the clouds. A perfect carpet and pad installation is difficult to beat when it comes to comfort.

5. Affordability

Carpet is an excellent value when it comes to a floor covering. Along with the benefits that we outlined above the total install cost is among the lowest when it comes to floor coverings. Hardwood and tile can cost upwards of 5 times the cost of a quality carpet. With advances in technology, carpet is also lasting longer than the carpet of a decade ago.

6. Style

Carpet comes in an almost endless supply of colors, patterns, fabrics and styles to choose from. Compared to other floor surfaces, carpet can satisfy any taste or design trend. With the emergence of designer carpets on the market, you can be as mild or wild as you want.

When you are looking to update your home, a quality carpet can give you tremendous bang for your buck.

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