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Updating the look of your home can be simple and cost efficient. While the allure of a whole home remodel may sound appealing, for less than $500 you can give your home a fresh look.


The first area to address will cost you only in time and could make you some money! Clean up the clutter. We all have those closets, rooms, areas of the home that seem to collect things. By spending a few hours on a Sunday afternoon, you’ll be surprised how you can transform a closet or room into great livable space and may find a few items that you can quickly sell on eBay or Craigslist making your declutter initiative a profitable one.

New Hardware

One of the quickest ways to add a beautiful aesthetic detail to your home is to change your door hardware. If you have door knobs that are brass or are dirty with reduced functionality than new hardware can make a great statement. The same goes for kitchen cabinet hardware like drawer pulls and cabinet door knobs as well. Choosing hardware that is new and now can provide a new look to your kitchen and is far less expensive than a kitchen remodel!

A Bright Idea

We have cleaned, replaced the old door and cabinet hardware and now it is time to add some lighting to showcase our efforts. New light fixtures can transform a room by not only adding brighter lighting or setting a mood, but the fixtures themselves add a beautiful style to provide a current look. With the endless choices of light fixtures, there is sure to be a look that is perfect for your home. Although lighting is a DIY project, if you are not familiar or comfortable with electrical wiring than call a certified electrician to install for you. We always advocate safety first!

A Room Fit For A King or Queen

With new lighting in place, it is the perfect time to add a perfect finishing touch to any room in your home, and that is with crown molding. Crown Molding has been used for centuries, and it is a timeless detail that gives any room a level of charm and class. Molding is inexpensive and in a matter of a few hours you can install molding that will provide beauty and quality that is often seen in expensive, luxury homes.

Other areas that will give your home a fresh look is:

  • Paint – An obvious choice to express your personality and style. While neutral colors are best if you are going to sell your home, if you plan to stay then your options are endless. New paint can bring fresh life to any room in your home.
  • Toilets – While not always considered when making quick updates, new toilets should be considered for their style and efficiency. Many toilets on the market today offer great style and can cut water usage by up to 70% saving you money!
  • Carpet – Although a more expensive investment, new carpet can bring that new home smell into your home. If your carpet is older than ten years than new carpet is probably in order. Because carpet can trap debris and odors in the pad, installing new carpet can not only provide great visual appeal it also can be healthier for you.
  • Plants – House plants are a great addition to bring color and life to a room. By purchasing a few plants for a living area or bedroom the difference it makes to the overall feel of the room can be substantial.
  • Mirrors – A great way to make rooms look larger, add depth and give the room more lighting is with the addition of mirrors. Whether you add a large mirror over the fireplace or place a few small mirrors in a hallway, they are a great addition to any room in the house. We are pretty sure you already have the bathroom covered in this area!

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