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When the time comes to replace your carpet color, style and type are usually the first items you look for when choosing what will best work for your home. Understanding the rest of the details will ensure you have a carpet that can stand up to the daily demands of foot traffic and provide years of value.

The BOSS is pleased to provide you a simple checklist to give you the confidence with understanding the key aspects of purchasing carpet.

1. Measure Twice, Cut Once

Carpet is not measured like hard surface flooring; the fact that it comes in 12′ rolls requires it to be cut and seemed to fit the job, measuring carpet is a learned skill that takes years to master. Make sure you find an installer that understands how to measure for your application.

2. The Pad Makes The Difference

Every new carpet installation should always begin with a quality pad. You should always change your pad. Padding is a trap for odors and will lose its resiliency over time. You get what you pay for with pad, a premium pad is not much more and is more comfortable under foot. Pads, like carpet, are rated by weight.

A common mistake is purchasing carpet padding that is too soft or too thick. A pad that is too thin bottoms out when exposed to foot traffic. The carpet itself has to assume the rest of the impact, and this drastically decreases the carpets durability and life.

A Pad that is to think will not hold to the tack strip and will result in the carpet buckling and coming up along the edges.

The carpet industry has established a maximum recommended thickness of 7/16 inch, but you should never exceed ½ inch. If a ½ inch is recommended, most retailers will go to 5/8 inch. A ½ carpet cushion provides adequate cushion and still allows the carpet to hold onto the tack strip along the walls. It is essential that you speak with a sales pro that is knowledgeable in carpet installation when choosing your pad.

There are a variety of padding options to consider, among these are:

Waffle Rubber – A waffle pattern as the name implies. It is best to shop around and get the heaviest you can find.

Urethane Foam – If the density is right for your application it can be a good performer.

Bonded Urethane – The most popular pad sold today. The Carpet Cushion Council recommends a cushion of at least 5lbs and 3/8-inch thickness for light traffic areas and 6.5 lbs. moreover, 3/8 inch for heavy traffic areas. These are minimum guidelines, and many carpet manufacturers recommend 8 pounds.

Flat Rubber – Pricey and difficult to find but the ultimate in performance and luxury. The is the only pad that could probably survive a second install

3. Understanding Carpet Weights

The face weight in carpet is one of the biggest misconceptions when making a buying decision, with the varieties of carpet styles it can be hard to differentiate carpet face weight.

A higher face weight means more yarn. Face weights can range from 18 oz. to 63 oz. and while highly uncommon even over 100 oz. Be mindful to compare face weights of similar products. An Olefin carpet may have a higher face weight than a nylon carpet but will have completely different performance characteristics.

A simple test of durability and longevity is the warranty. A 7 to 10-year wear and stain warranty gives a good indication that the carpet will be a solid performer but understand all the details of the warranty. Many times per stains will void the warranty, and a manufacturer will indicate that in the fine print.

4. Installation

Unlike most hard surfaces, carpet is not a DIY project. It requires special stretching tools and experience to install correctly.

Any time you replace your floors, the furniture needs to be moved out, installers do charge to move furniture, moving the furniture yourself is an easy way to save a bit on your install.

Replacing carpet will stir up dust, so it is a good idea to replace your AC filters after the install.

Carpet At The BOSS

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