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Carpet has been a popular choice for flooring since the early 18th century. Today, carpet makes up nearly two thirds of all flooring sales. Carpet is soft underfoot and does an excellent job reducing sound within a home as well as providing temperature stability within the home.

Versatility is a key advantage with carpet. It comes in thousands of colors, styles and patterns that can be made to fit any home and interior design.

All of these choices can be a little bit overwhelming when trying to decide on what type of carpet to install. Before adding carpet to an existing structure or new project, it is always a good idea to be clear about the terminology and various types of carpet that are available. Let’s take a look at the types of carpet that are commonly installed to gain a better understanding of what will best suit your needs and application.

Loop Pile, Cut Pile and Cut-Loop Pile

Carpet styles are divided up between two main branches of carpet; loop pile, and cut pile. Cut pile carpet involves thread woven through backing, and then cut evenly on the other side. The threads are then twisted to help the carpet hold its shape.

Loop pile carpet is threaded through the carpet backing, looped around and fastened to the back.

The last style of carpet is a combination of the two. called Cut-Loop pile. Cut pile makes up the majority of carpeting.


Before installing any type of carpet, be sure you have a good understanding of how much foot traffic will be traveling over the flooring. This will help you choose a carpet that looks great and most importantly will perform well over time.


Loop carpet’s tight design will not show footprints and makes it a great choice for high-traffic areas. Oftentimes, it is also the most economic option.

Level Loop Pile

This style has tufted uncut loops that are the equal height. This creates a durable  smooth surface that is perfect for high-traffic areas. It is easy to maintain, but provides less cushion that a cut pile carpet.

Multi-level Loop

Here, the loops are threaded through to different heights which creates a textured or patterned effect. This is a very durable choice.

Cut Loop Pile

This style is a combination of cut and loop. It can create several textures while providing some of the comfort of a traditional cut pile carpet. Often multicolored, it does a good job hiding stains.



Feeling almost like velvet, saxony carpet gives rooms a formal look and feel. Elevate the luxury of your dining and living rooms instantly by installing saxony carpet. The ends are cut and uniformly clipped to provide a soft finish. Saxony is smooth and will show footprints and indents.


Pronounced friz-AY, this newer carpet resembles a muted variation of shag with “twisty” fibers. Great wearability means this carpet maintains its beauty longer.


One of the more commonly used cut-pile carpets, texture (aka plush) carpet offers the type of maximum versatility that is perfect for any room. This style is usually a single color. The short tufts of the carpet are sheared in a way that makes the pile very flat. It feels extremely comfortable and soft.

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