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Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets – Here’s what you need to know

When it comes to interior design trends, the importance of great looking kitchens cannot be overemphasized. The kitchen, for most people, remains one of the most used rooms in the home and its aesthetics should be taken into careful consideration. Two-toned kitchen cabinets are quickly becoming a popular design trend. The focal point One common…
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The Truth About Carpet Warranties

Quality carpet will always perform well regardless of whether it is backed by a warranty. Inferior carpet will have a poor performance regardless of whether it is backed by a warranty or not.

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The Perfect Floor You May Have Ignored

Hardwood floors remain one of the most sought-after floors for their durability, style and timeless appeal. Hardwood flooring however is not the best choice for every condition. Wet areas, high humidity and heavy traffic areas with pets in the mix can wreak havoc on hardwood. One type of flooring that is taking the market by…
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The Importance of Property Management

  The BOSS talks property management with Kyle McCaw of McCaw Property Management. Kyle shares his in depth knowledge on property management, and key areas to focus on when evaluating real estate properties.
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Unsuitable/Questionable Substrates for Installing Tile

Many installers seem to feel free to do anything, install anything, on any surface without considering the potential failures. Today’s newer technology and larger format tiles have put more pressure on proper installation methods, especially as an increased amount of tile and stone is being installed on a variety of floor and wall substrates. The main…
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Laminate Flooring Cleaning and Care Tips

Laminate flooring can provide years of service if it is cared for properly Caring for your floor is just as important as the color and style you select. Follow these simple tips to ensure your floor holds up for years to come and maintains the beauty and charm you desire. Avoid wet mopping Use a…
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Give Your Kitchen A New Look With Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

The kitchen is one of the most active parts of any house. When the kitchen is designed, the focus is more towards the functionality of the area. However, there are plenty of design themes that can be awe-inspiring and highly convenient for working around as well. One of the design elements for a kitchen is…
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